What distinguishes MI-Corp from other mystery shopping companies?

MI-Corp.’s focus is video mystery shopping. We offer industry and customer specialization, skilled and trained shoppers chosen to fit your demographic needs, quality high tech product uploaded to a secure website, in DVD format, or both  using state of the art equipment, and timely delivery.

 Do you have programs in place that recognize and reward outstanding sales performance?

The data derived through mystery shopping is used to make critical and immediate improvements to your front line.

We believe the focus should be positive, using the information to implement improvements in customer service and salesmanship, emphasizing reinforcement of existing training and desired behaviors, and rewarding outstanding performance.

Who are MI-Corp’s mystery shoppers?

Our shoppers are hand-picked and specifically and rigorously trained for the new home industry. Our Shoppers are briefed on your specific community or associate needs. They fully understand the duty and responsibility that comes with evaluating the performance of your associates, and are demographically matched to your community.

Do you have knowledge of how well your sales associates are performing on the front line?

When location, pricing and product are no longer unique, customer service is repeatedly the competitive advantage that is the key to your financial success. One unhappy customer will tell 5 other people of their bad experience.

Are your sales associates aware of their own body language, speech mannerisms and sales performance?

Mystery shopping is a tool that raises the level of customer service, sales expertise, product knowledge, and increases sales.  Through mystery shopping, your management team and your associates become aware of the areas in the sales process that need improvement.

Are your customers leaving your sales office without feeling a connection with your community or sales associate, or without a reason to buy?

69% of customers buy from your competition because of poor customer service and poor salesmanship. What if you could SEE why this was happening?

Why video shop?

Video shopping allows you to see your associate’s sales performance through the eyes of your customer.

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