Mystery Shops & Services



Mystery Shops:

  • Video - In this highly competitive business environment, where customer satisfaction is key, and builder differentiation a must, video mystery shopping will increase your sales associate’s performance and create a professional edge over the competition.
  • Audio – When video is not an option, audio can be used to hear the sales presentation from Greet to Close
  • Competitive – We will visit your competition and provide you with a written report, Sales and Marketing Collateral, Available Sites, What the Competition is Saying About You – a Customized Snapshot of the Competition
  • Written – A Site visit will be conducted with a detailed Written Report Prepared to your Specifications



Role Plays - Trained Shoppers and a Professional Videographer work  with your Sales Associate on Site to capture the Sales Presentation while Coaching the Sales Associate in your Training Points.  The end result is an Edited Feature Video that can be used for Sales Training Locally or Nationally.  In Addition, MI-CORP can create a “Best-Of” Highlights Video to show your Sales Associates the “Best-Way” to Sell and Close a Deal.

Sales Coaching & Training – MI-CORP works with Sales and Training Consultants to Customize Your Presentation for Market, Product, Demographic and The Sales Process – Greeting through Closing – to give you the best opportunity to complete the sale with a Heads Up on your Competition.

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